NYC School Survey

Survey Overview

Every year, we ask all families and teachers and staff in grades 3-K through 12, and students in grades 6-12 to take the NYC School Survey. The survey is designed to collect important information about each school's ability to support student success. School leaders can use feedback from the survey to reflect and improve schools and programs. You can learn more about the NYC School Survey by contacting your school or program. 

Survey Coordinator Resources

The administration window for the 2022 NYC School Survey is now closed. Survey results will be available later this year.To learn more about the 2022 NYC School Survey administration in schools, review the following materials: 

NYC School Survey Instruments

View the 2022 NYC School Survey parent/guardian, student and teacher instruments.

2021 NYC School Survey Results

The 2021 NYC School Survey was administered from May 7, 2021 until June 18, 2021. A link to the 2021 survey results is available in each school’s School Quality Guide under the "NYC School Survey Results and Quality Review" tab:

View the 2021 Survey results in the School Quality Guide.

The online School Quality Guide replaces the NYC School Survey PDFs that were used to report survey results in prior years. To get started, select a school from the drop down menu. Search the menu by entering your school's DBN or name.

Understand Your Survey Results

Use Your Survey Results

  • Use the Data Protocol: Review and Use Your NYC School Survey Results to discuss the survey results with your teachers and staff. (PDF)
  • Share your school's survey results with families by customizing the One Pager.

Survey Archives

The NYC School Survey is administered annually since 2007. Survey information from 2007 through 2020, including citywide survey results and copies of the surveys, are archived in the Survey Archive page and/or on NYC Open Data.

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