Request for Expressions of Interest

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) has contracts with vendors to purchase the goods and services necessary to ensure that students receive the quality education they deserve. The agency strives to give all businesses, including Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs), an equal opportunity to compete for DOE procurements. The agency casts a wide net in search of talented vendors, seeking qualified suppliers from all segments of the community. The DOE’s mission is to provide equal access to procurement opportunities for all qualified vendors including MWBEs. The DOE works to enhance the ability of MWBEs to compete for contracts and DOE is committed to ensuring that MWBEs fully participate in the procurement process.

  • Due to ongoing construction and general security measures, it is advised that vendors and visitors to 65 Court Street factor in additional time when dropping off/bids proposals.
  • To apply to our bidder's list please visit the Vendor Portal.
  • Note: RFEIs are listed below from most recent to oldest.

There are currently no RFEIs open at this time.

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