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The following are advertisements for items no longer needed by the respective school/site. If you are interested in securing any of the items listed, please contact the school/site directly. Advertisements will be removed from this site two (2) weeks from the date of posting.

Department of Education Facilities

Except for possible transportation costs between sites, these items are listed for transfer free of charge.

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Organizations outside the DOE may request an advertised item (there may be an associated cost) provided no interest has been expressed by a DOE facility.

If Your School/Site Has an Item to Advertise

Please do the following if your school/site has materials that are no longer needed (obsolete items):

  1. Review the SOP chapter on Inventory.

Complete the Disposition of Obsolete Equipment form, which can be accessed through the FAMIS Portal. You can also send an e-mail directly to

October 24, 2019

Location Information

School: Arthur A. Schomburg Elementary School - PS 163 (09X163)

Address: 2075 Webster Avenue, Bronx, NY 10457

Contact Information

Name:  Paul Woltmann
Title: Technology Coordinator 
Telephone:   718-220-7425

Item Description

25 Datamation 5 shelf laptop cabinets mounted on an accompanying Datamaiton table

October 11, 2019

Location Information

School/Site:  PS 169 Sunset Park School (15k169)
Region: 8
Telephone: 718 853 3224  
Fax:  718 633 9621


Contact Information

Name:  Emily Hurst
Title:  Assistant Principal
Telephone:   718 853 3224

Item Description

Priority to Title I schools
33 Student chairs - 16"-19" seat height
91 Small chairs - 12"-15" seat height

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