Reporting Child Abuse

If you have reasonable cause to suspect child abuse or maltreatment, mandated reporters must personally make the report by calling the State Central Register (SCR) at 1-800-635-1522.

NYC DOE Child Abuse Designated Liaison Training

The schedule for the NYC DOE Child Abuse Designated Liaison Training is now available at the Counseling Support Programs - Professional Development page.

Joint Policy on Educational Neglect

  • Educational Neglect: Prevention and Intervention During COVID-19 Pandemic (November 2021)
  • New Educational Neglect Law (April 2019)
  • NYC ACS - DOE Joint Policy Statement on the Reporting and Investigating of Educational Neglect (March 2010)
    • This document, signed by the Commissioner of the NYC Administration for Children's Services and the Chancellor of the NYC Department of Education, is part of a statewide effort by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) to develop a joint policy for reporting and investigating allegations of educational neglect. This joint policy statement sets a framework to ensure inter-agency coordination and a shared protocol for addressing the complex issues that such allegations present.
    • This joint policy statement applies to the NYC Department of Education (DOE) when reporting suspected educational neglect to the State Central Register (SCR), the Children's Services Division of Child Protection Services (DCP) when investigating educational neglect allegations, and the Children's Services Education Unit when identifying resources in educational neglect cases.

Chancellor’s Regulation A-750

Chancellor’s Regulation A-750 on Child Abuse and Maltreatment Preventions includes:

  • Procedures for reporting to the New York State Central Register for child abuse and maltreatment;
  • Procedures for cooperating with Child Protective Services investigations;
  • Policies and procedures for escalating absence concerns regarding elementary and middle school students with child welfare involvement (tiered response protocol);
  • Legal issues for mandated reporters;
  • Responsibilities of child abuse maltreatment prevention and intervention teams and Field Support Centers;
  • Staff training and parent and student education;
  • the obligation to report misconduct by DOE employees;
  • school community notification;
  • and reporting to the Chancellor

For technical assistance and inquiries pertaining to this regulation, please contact:

Citywide Coordinator, Child Abuse and Maltreatment Prevention Program
N.Y.C. Department of Education
52 Chambers Street – Room 218
New York, NY 10007

Child Abuse Prevention Poster

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