Community Schools


The Office of Community Schools is committed to realizing educational equity by providing all students with the individual support they need to graduate with core content knowledge, key life skills, and academic & personal behaviors that set them up for success in college and in life.

What We Do

We support schools to work with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to become places where children have opportunities to learn, gain skills, create joy and have experiences that ignite curiosity and allow children to discover their passions and talents.

Our Impact

Currently, there are 227 Community Schools across all five boroughs.

Core Resources and Services

Community Schools focus on four core services to deliver scaled programs.

  • Expanded Learning Time (ELT)
    • Schools and Community School partners create learning and enrichment opportunities for students before school starts, during the school day and after school.
  • Family Engagement
    • There are many ways for families to be involved. You can volunteer with the school, participate in the Community School Forum
  • Attendance Improvement Strategies
    • By adopting the Every Student, Every Day campaign, we use a robust set of resources to reduce chronic absence.
  • Health Services
    • Through collaboration and partnership with the Office of School Health, we have access to numerous resources on child safety, healthy families, and strong communities.

Core Structures

  • Partnerships
    • We form partnerships with other city agencies, the private sector and nonprofit partners to find resources and opportunities for our schools
  • Community School Director (CSD)
    • We hire the CSD who is part of the School Leadership Team to work with the Principal to provide services and programs to students
  • Data driven decision making
    • We use data to reduce chronic absenteeism and meet student needs.


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