This page features details about the different kinds of grants available to schools throughout the city, and what you can do to pursue a grant for your school.

Grants are divided into three categories:

  • Timely Opportunities are current grants whose application dates have not yet passed.
  • Allocative Grants, also known as Formula Grants, are how funds are allocated to districts using a formula based on specific populations or needs.
  • Competitive Grants lists grants that New York City schools have won.

More grants will be added to this page soon, please check back again for more details.

Competitive Grants

Learning technology

The New York State Learning Technology grant program promotes collaboration between public school districts/BOCES and non-public schools of all denominations to:

  • Promote an increase in continuous, progressive integration of instructional technology in classrooms and library media centers to improve student academic performance in relation to the New York State Learning Standards, and
  • Provide ongoing, sustained professional development focused on increasing knowledge and skills of teachers in the use of instructional technology to help students attain higher levels of performance in the New York State Learning Standards, and
  • Make use of recognized model programs that are based on research and have shown promise of significantly increasing student academic achievement.

Learning Technology Grant (LTG) programs focus on Pre-K to 12 classroom activities (including professional development) in the content areas of mathematics, English Language Arts (ELA), and science. The maximum award is $50,000 and the grant requires that at least $22,500 be utilized for professional development and that no more than $22,500 be utilized for supplies and materials (including technology.)

For more information you can read a more detailed program description, or see a list of the current awardees and program abstracts.


Schools should contact their Field Support Center (FSC) Budget Director if they have questions regarding grants and they will work with their FSC's Senior Grants Officer. A Senior Grants Officers (SGO) is assigned to each FSC to provide support with grants.

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