About Translation and Interpretation

The Translation and Interpretation Unit supports DOE offices and public schools in their efforts to connect with families who prefer to communicate in a language other than English, to ensure equity and access for all.

The Unit offers free written translation services, interpretation services for centrally organized events, connects schools with over-the-phone interpretation services and spearheads all system-wide language access efforts and initiatives.

The Unit also works with Field Language Access Coordinators, from each Borough Office, to support schools, and Language Access Coordinators, in developing and maintaining a comprehensive approach for engaging and communicating with all families. For general inquires or to share your experience with language services at your school, please call 718-935-2013 or email hello@schools.nyc.gov.

Department of Education staff can email translations@schools.nyc.gov for more information about written translation or interpretations@schools.nyc.gov for information on oral interpretation services. For request forms and additional language access resources, visit the employee-only Infohub page.

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