NYC 2020 Census

The response period to take the census has been shortened by 30 days with our new deadline of September 30. We cannot let our communities, particularly those most at risk of being undercounted, run the risk of losing out on the representation and funding they deserve.

The census is safe, confidential and does not ask about immigration or citizenship status. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete, you can fill it out online ( or over the phone (1-844-330-2020 for English). All you need is your address, no special code is needed.

New York City only has until September 30 to complete the 2020 Census and it is critical that New Yorkers complete their census and remind their family, friends, and neighbors to complete their census before the new deadline to avoid an incomplete count.

In this challenging time, every community stands to benefit from an accurate census count. The 2020 Census will determine how much funding our schools and public services receive over the next 10 years. While New York has made strides in census self-response rates, our work is far from over. We must mobilize to improve the cities self-response rate so our communities receive the resources and representation they deserve. As trusted messengers, schools can play an active role in urging every student and their family to get counted using their remote learning and communication platforms, and at parent or community virtual meetings. Promoting the 2020 Census is an easy way to direct people to something real and tangible they can do to help their communities. Money for schools, roads, health care and more are on the line if we don't fill it out.

Help Spread the Word

The Census is Important

A complete count, ensures our city gets its fair share of $650 billion in federal funding for Title I programs, Head Start, special education, bilingual education, classroom technology, teacher training, preschool and after-school programs, and school lunch assistance services. NYC receives more than $781 million every year in Title I funding for schools thanks to the census, as well as millions for special education grants, for extra supplies, more technology, professional development for staff, and hiring more teachers. A full census count also ensures our communities receive enough elected officials to represent and protect our interests.

No matter what your household looks like, count everybody. Short-term and temporary guests, including all children, family members, friends, roommates, or partners living off-lease. The census needs to count people of all ages and people not born in the US.

The Census is Easy

All you have to do is complete 10 questions which takes less than 10 minutes. No special code is needed, all you need is your address. You can fill it out online ( or over the phone (1-844-330-2020 for English).

The Census is Safe

All responses are confidential, protected by federal law, will never be shared with NYCHA, ICE, HRA, Department of Buildings, or any other government agency—not even your landlord, and cannot be used against you in any way. The census does not ask about: immigration status, citizenship, income, or your social security number.

Strategies and Resources for Schools

There are many strategies and resources to ensure your school community gets counted:

  • Let parents and staff know they can complete the 2020 Census at or over the phone or by mail – without having to meet a census taker. All you need is your address, no special code is needed.
  • Use email blasts, school newsletters and websites, Dojo and other app messages to distribute census information. To aid in your outreach efforts, please find sample graphics and social media posts from NYC Census 2020. NYC Census 2020 is developing new content regularly. Sign up to receive updates here
  • Share resources to support parents with completing the 2020 Census. The Census Bureau has language guides and video tutorials in 59 languages.
  • Include census as a part of regular calls to families and incorporate it into virtual events. This short deck can be used to announce information about the 2020 Census at meetings and presentations. Share the census link in invitations and chat boxes and make announcements, highlighting that the 2020 Census will determine the funding our schools receive, so everyone must be counted.
    • If we’re not fully counted, our schools won’t have enough resources for all our students, and the same could happen with our other public services.
    • All census information is confidential and protected by law. It cannot be shared with anyone, not even other government agencies, and it cannot be used against you.
    • Everyone counts, regardless of age, language, immigration status, or any other factor. Count everyone in your household.
    • It takes less than 10 minutes to fill out the census, you can fill it out online ( or over the phone (1-844-330-2020 for English). All you need is your address, no special code is needed.
  • Reach out to NYC Census Borough Leads who can be available to support virtual events already planned to talk to families and answer questions to assist in completing the Census:
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